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Compassionate Family Law

Our attorneys are dedicated to representing clients in all areas of Family Law.

Divorce Law Experts and Family Law Experts located in Dayton Ohio at Kirkland Sommers & Gearhardt


Family Law
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Child Support

Family Law
Military Divorce Expertise from Family Law Experts in Dayton Ohio from Kirkland Sommers & Gearhardt

Military Divorce

Family Law
Child Custody Rights Counsel from Dayton Oh Attorneys Kirkland Sommers & Gearhardt

Child Custody

Family Law

Shared Parenting

Family Law


Family Law

Step Parent Adoption

Family Law

Civil Protection Orders

Family Law

Trusted Family Law Representation

Our lawyers are experts in the area of Family Law.  They can represent you in matters involving adoption, juvenile matters, child and spousal support.

Dayton Ohio Family Law Attorney James Kirkland at Kirkland Sommers Gearhardt

James R. Kirkland

Dayton Ohio Family Law Attorney Brian Sommers at Kirkland Sommers Gearhardt

Brian A. Sommers

Dayton Ohio Family Law Attorney Michelle Gearhardt at Kirkland Sommers Gearhardt

Michelle J. Gearhardt

Dayton Ohio Family Law Attorney Brian Kruse at Kirkland Sommers Gearhardt

Brian A. Kruse

Dayton Ohio Family Law Attorney Craig Sams at Kirkland Sommers Gearhardt

Craig M. Sams


What Our Clients Say About Our Services

Take a moment to read testimonials from our clients about the services we provide.

Brian is an awesome attorney and I have complete confidence in him representing my family. I sought legal councel through Brian last year to handle my child custody case. I had 2 other attorneys before him who i was very insecure with. I immediately felt relaxed and confident with Brian and his team. It was so nice leaving his office with complete confidence everything would be handled on time and professionally. Being my children are involved the relief of having Brian and staff so caring, responsive and on top of things was a blessing. Brian always answers questions in a timely manner and is knowledgable of the law. He takes the time to go through everything thoroughly and know your case. I only wish we would have found him earlier. I will continue to seek any legal counceling thru Brian Sommers. Thanks Brian and team !!!

Todd | Family Law Client

Brian is passionate about what he does, and it shines through in everything he does to advocate for his clients whether inside or outside the courtroom. Brian is a well respected attorney in the community, and he never misses a beat. My case has been an uphill battle (as well as an extremely difficult case to fight) but Brian has never let me down, and there is no other attorney better equipped for my case. Brian has been such a strong advocate for my family, and I would never dream of using another attorney. NEVER cut corners when it comes to family matters, as I did when I hired my first attorney before Brian. Hiring Brian will be the best money you will ever spend. He will likely talk about my case for the rest of his career in law, and I will forever be grateful for all the support and hard work he and his wonderful/talented staff have done (and are doing) to get my children back where they belong. Miracles do happen when you have Brian on your side! That said, Brian truly represents the standard of excellence when it comes to finding the right attorney to represent you and your children's needs.

-Heather | Family Law Client

I would definitely recommend Mr. Kirkland! He worked hard to make sure I received custody of my children. He keeps you very informed and his firm treats you like family.

-Troy | Family Law Client

I have been very pleased w/the Kirkland atty firm. The entire staff is very helpful, courteous and understanding while maintaining a professional atmosphere. Mr Kirkland himself is very open and straight forward. He answers questions in a timely manner, explains when necessary, prepares in advance and is very thorough. I have been working w/Mr. Kirkland and his office since 2011 as we walk thru a rather contentious divorce case. Both in his office and in the courtroom, Mr. Kirkland is attentive and efficient.

-Sarah | Family Law Client

"The stress of trying to represent myself was erased the day I met Mr. Kruse. He is very knowledgeable, patient, and helped me understand my legal options better than I could’ve ever done on my own."

-Karen | Family Law Client

"Brian gave me a sense of direction, urgency and cared about my feelings throughout the process. He understood my concerns of my unique situation and gave me his undivided attention when putting our case together."

-Brian | Family Law Client

"Mr. Sams has always had time to discuss any issues regarding my case, and done so openly, often outside “normal” business hours. His demeanor is very caring, and his concern and attention are always at the forefront."

-John | Family Law Client

"Mr. Kirkland is an excellent lawyer at a reasonable price, and I think the most important part is that, he is military friendly. He always gets back to you and keeps you informed throughout the whole proceedings. To all my military friends out there, I highly recommend him."

-Jaun | Family Law Client

"If it had not been for Brian Sommers, who guided me through the difficult and complex legal process of divorce, I would have been lost. Through it all, the only debt that I will not be able to pay is my debt of gratitude to Brian, for a job well done."

-Gary | Family Law Client

Going through this process I realized immediately Brian cared about his clients. He walked me through each piece of the child support calculations and the separation agreements. I highly recommend Brian if you are looking for a lawyer to work hard for what is fair and do things the right way.

-Kevin | Family Law Client

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