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Attorneys at Kirkland & Sommers, L.P.A., the Dayton Ohio based family and divorce law firm, have over 85 years of combined experience at providing personalized and practical legal solutions for those facing Family Law & Domestic Relations issues. Our staff of experienced attorneys has successfully represented clients before the Ohio Supreme Court, Appellate Court and county courts throughout the State of Ohio. You deserve an attorney that fights for you, while maintaining integrity and honesty, and we are a law firm dedicated to working with our clients and ensuring just results. Our first step is always to listen to you and identify your goals. Our firm handles many cases regarding child custody, visitation, and child support. We also have extensive experience with the financial aspects of divorce, including spousal support (alimony), division of assets and debts, and dividing retirement benefits. Many of the cases we handle are modifications or enforcement of a prior divorce decree or custody order. We serve clients in Montgomery, Greene, Preble, Warren, Butler, Clark, Darke, Miami, and Clinton counties.



There are many complex issues when deciding to terminate your marriage through divorce, including the division of assets and debts, spousal support, parenting time/custody arrangements and child support.  Our team of experienced attorneys will help you navigate the complex and often overlooked issues that arise in a divorce. While no one enters into a marriage expecting it to end, recent statistics state that 42%-45% of all marriages end in divorce.  The attorneys at Kirkland & Sommers Co., LPA are ready to address the complex issues that you may not even be aware exists. Contact our firm for a free consultation with one of our attorneys.

Child Custody

Matters that involve custody of a child are not only complicated, but can be volatile.  At the heart of all child custody matters, is the best interest of the child. Children do not need or want to be pulled between two parents.  They crave stability, love, and acceptance. Parents sometimes get confused and forget that the child’s best interest should be placed first and foremost.  The attorneys at Kirkland & Sommers Co., LPA have successfully handled cases ranging from visitation to more complex issues such as lifetime child support, relocations, healthcare, modifications or terminations of custody arrangements, along with a multitude of other complex custody issues.  The attorneys at Kirkland & Sommers Co., LPA are parents themselves and are experienced in handling all issues of custody. Call our firm for a free consultation with one of our attorneys.


A dissolution is another avenue one can undertake to terminate a marriage.  A dissolution is often far less contentious than a divorce. Typically, a couple wishing to end their marriage through dissolution, has had discussion with their spouse on the division of assets, spousal support, custody and child support.  Once a party meets with an attorney and present their financial information, including assets, debts, gross income, health insurance expenses and child care expenses, the attorney can guide them through the dissolution process.

In order to effectuate the dissolution in the most amicable manner possible, the parties have to be willing to communicate.  Sometimes, that communication is facilitated by attorneys so that all aspects of the dissolution can be addressed, including the division of assets, including retirement accounts, the division of debts, spousal support, the custody or shared parenting and child support.  

At Kirkland & Sommers Co., LPA, our team of attorneys will guide you through the dissolution process.  The dissolution process is an emotional one, just as a divorce or custody matter is, but you do not have to go it alone.  Contact our firm for a free consultation with one of our attorneys.

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Craig Sams is an absolutely incredible young attorney. He has represented me for two years, and they have been filled with challenges! Mr. Sams possesses a rare combination of skill and understanding, which is a true benefit to his clients. His incredible legal writing skills have proven to be a real asset to my case, and his litigation style, first rate.I will continue to utilize Mr. Sams for all my family law needs.” -John

I usually never write a review or give excellent ratings unless it well worth it. I am not the type of guy that logs on and reviews product or services. This, however, is my exception….I was in the Marine Corps when Mr. Kirkland took my divorce case in 2012. I needed a lawyer to represent me in court because I could not attend any hearings, due to my military obligations. `{`…`}` Mr. Kirkland is an excellent lawyer at a reasonable price, and I think the most important part is that, he is military friendly. He always gets back to you and keeps you informed throughout the whole proceedings. To all my military friends out there, I highly recommend him. Semper Fi” -Juan

Mr. Kruse is an excellent attorney. I recently retained him to represent me in a post-decree case where I was previously attempting to go “pro bono”. The stress of trying to represent myself was erased the day I met Mr. Kruse. He is very knowledgeable, patient, and helped me understand my legal options better than I could’ve ever done on my own. `{`…`}` My case ended with the ruling completely in my favor. I cannot thank Mr. Kruse enough for all of his support during this difficult time! I would certainly recommend him to my family and friends!” -Karen

If it had not been for Brian Sommers, who guided me through the difficult and complex legal process of divorce, I would have been lost. His wise and discerning advice and counsel during those difficult months has help position me to move forward with my life. Through it all, the only debt that I will not be able to pay is my debt of gratitude to Brian, for a job well done. Thank you Brian !!!” -Gary