Client Testimonials
Testimonials from Kirkland & Sommers, Co. L.P.A. Clients.

“I went through a recent divorce and when the divorce was filed in April my original intention was to not hire a lawyer. I gave my x wife the opportunity to work with her lawyer and be fair. This did not happen and after multiple attempts and questions regarding calculations that I knew were not done correctly, I had to take action. Brian came highly recommended to me so I decided to hire him.

Going through this process I realized immediately Brian cared about his clients. He walked me through each piece of the child support calculations and the separation agreements. When we requested changes he had me in the office during dictation so we were both on the same page. He took an uncomfortable situation and made me feel comfortable with the decision by using a fact based approach that provided justification for each calculation and line item in the separation agreement. No one is going to like every component of a divorce or feel they received a great deal, but given the divorce rules in Ohio, Brian made it as fair as possible. Chis Simmons, his paralegal, is phenomenal as well, she is prompt and was always responsive with any needs during the process.

I highly recommend Brian if you are looking for a lawyer to work hard for what is fair and do things the right way.”



“After a year of being unemployed, and with no job openings in Dayton, I took a job in Houston TX. I believed that my wife would stay in Dayton long enough to sell the house and then she would move to Houston with me.

What I got instead was divorce documents in the mail during the July 4th holiday weekend. We had been married for nearly 38 years.

Because my family is more important than my job, I left Houston and returned to Ohio. While I had to take a pay cut to return, being with my children was more important.

If it had not been for Brian Sommers, who guided me through the difficult and complex legal process of divorce, I would have been lost. His wise and discerning advice and counsel during those difficult months has help position me to move forward with my life.

Through it all, the only debt that I will not be able to pay is my debt of gratitude to Brian, for a job well done. Thank you Brian !!!”



“I usually never write a review or give excellent ratings unless it well worth it. I am not the type of guy that logs on and reviews product or services. This, however, is my exception.

I was in the Marine Corps when Mr. Kirkland took my divorce case in 2012. I needed a lawyer to represent me in court because I could not attend any hearings, due to my military obligations. Mr. Kirkland not only took my case (and even though we didn’t have a chance to meet face to face) he was able to fully complete my divorce decree in court.

Fast forward two years later. I had another crazy summons by the ex-wife (figures). Once again I need a lawyer and decided to go back to Mr. Kirkland for legal advice. Not only did he remember me after two years, but he once again took my case and fought for me.

Mr. Kirkland is an excellent lawyer at a reasonable price, and I think the most important part is that, he is military friendly. He always gets back to you and keeps you informed throughout the whole proceedings. To all my military friends out there, I highly recommend him.

Semper Fi”



“Craig Sams is an absolutely incredible young attorney. He has represented me for two years, and they have been filled with challenges! Mr. Sams possesses a rare combination of skill and understanding, which is a true benefit to his clients. His incredible legal writing skills have proven to be a real asset to my case, and his litigation style, first rate.
His attention to detail is impeccable, and communication, swift and thorough. Mr. Sams has always had time to discuss any issues regarding my case, and done so openly, often outside “normal” business hours. His demeanor is very caring, and his concern and attention are always at the forefront.
Having the backing of one of SE Ohio’s premier family law firms has definitely been a benefit to Mr. Sams’ development as a family law specialist. I have recommended his services countless times, as Craig’s skills are truly top notch.

I will continue to utilize Mr. Sams for all my family law needs.”



“When I first scheduled my hour consultation with Brian Kruse, it become evident that he’d become my attorney from the start. His professionalism, knowledge of the law and respectable demeanor put me at ease when I was at my utmost peril in life of fighting for custody of my child. Brian gave me a sense of direction, urgency and cared about my feelings throughout the process. He understood my concerns of my unique situation and gave me his undivided attention when putting our case together. What I liked most about Brian is that he collaborated a plan that was best suited for my situation and would call and work with the opposing counsel to discuss the best options for all parties involved, which included our child’s best interest. I was very satisfied with his approach and resolution. His office team is second to none. Always upbeat, positive and professional. They were attentive to all my emails and phone calls no matter what time of day. They made gathering documents and files that were pertinent to my case a breeze and stayed in constant contact with me throughout the case. I would highly recommend Brian Kruse as your attorney. He will quickly earn your trust as an experienced, well-rounded fighting attorney that’s honest and keeps your expectations real.”



“Mr. Kruse is an excellent attorney. I recently retained him to represent me in a post-decree case where I was previously attempting to go “pro bono”. The stress of trying to represent myself was erased the day I met Mr. Kruse. He is very knowledgeable, patient, and helped me understand my legal options better than I could’ve ever done on my own. His legal team is great to work with and calls or emails are returned promptly, which is especially important when you are dealing with the stress of the unknown in legal situations. His calm demeanor reduced my stress and helped me stay focused on the important issues. My case ended with the ruling completely in my favor. I cannot thank Mr. Kruse enough for all of his support during this difficult time! I would certainly recommend him to my family and friends!”


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